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In a world where the blind are leading the blind and you cannot get questions answered. War is the dominate force on all levels and peace is a joke told by wise men.

Say "NO" to Illegal Narcotics

Yea But the "REAL" St Nick Doesn't Smoke Dose He?? In the Begging Was the Word Light-waves but that the MidEvilDarkNess did not understand it. Now Jesus Is lightning feel the Thunder of the Base. Anarky is a Lost Art. The Symbol is AO aka Alpha Omega. The Dictionary is Not Reliable because The Rainbow and Gay and Lesbian (RAGAL) Technically Have Nothing to do with sex either... How long dose it take to research light speed before you are going that fast. It takes 10 minutes to plan something it takes 5 to make it happen clap clap. It is to me that "what is wrong with our eyes" is the Dark Webs wicked infiltration with Webster dictionary/ The Symbols define them selves but we are being shut for grammatical errors that only an illiterate politician could understand. Whys That Because the Dictionary is Incomplete Too. With Love and Peace 13 Z-ya

Star of Wander

It Dosen't Have To Happen

Diamond Tampa

If Donkeys Could Talk they Would Try to Teach you a lesson about keeping your mouth shut that had something to do with "Moby Dick", that you shouldn't hunt an endangered species to extinction/.
Name; Michael Jason Busciglio of Elliott; House of Peter John Martin Seth Anthony Joseph. AKA JASO NEZZER from the House on Highland and Emma.
Location; Florida State Hospital, Free Speech Hospital, Father Son HolySpirit.
Diagnosis/Medicane Light; Skitzofriena/Manic,Depression;Resperdol/Depakote/Prozack.
Insurance; Matrix Cross Prayer Force TOP Secret

Hobbies include but not limited to; Painting, Drawing, Poetic Songs, Music Theory, Private Christianity, Internet Studies, Moses's Law and WARRAW.

Recent Poetic Songs; "Boys Will Be Boys"
Kissed On Dawn the Force of Creation, I was a Curious Child, Babies and Men Don't get made, Together and Alone, And she want to have mine, A few women down the line, I thought I could win, But September refused to give in, Used to dream about being a virgin, Didn't have enough time for that, But Mom I promise I'll make time to dream, and If heaven is a dream land, I pray the nightmares fade away, and If We have to wake up, I pray it's on a warm summers day, where the gray has run it's coarse, I think I want to travel North this year, Just to chase away all my childish fears, Much like I did when I was young, I Hope more people around me start to call, Upon the one who made it all, And you Know Jesus is Lord of All, If you heard half, The things I only wish I saw, You'd say whats wrong with chaseing waterfalls, I don't see much harm in death, At least when The Breath of Christ, Is what you find in paradise, the Goodness of the Lord is at Hand, I might of fallen for some evil times, And made bad jokes about cheep wine, though grace will save us all,.... We Want Grace Land Not Club Lust, We Want Grace land not club lust, I'll be there when I get my money back... If you are going to feed your people pills, Shouldn't it somehow lead to a "pilgrimage to grace land"

Recent Poetic Song; When the Light Come On When the light comes on, we see where we are wrong, when the darkness flees, We change our destiny, And what must not be funny turns out to be a dark tear, But the tear turns clear, like a cowboys last beer, I will cheer you on, till the break of dawn, and when the lights are on, all the evil is all Gone, yes the same sun rises, on the Good as the Bad, and Yes I am glad, That this isn't a fashion fad, Fading into the black, I will counter attack, Like a Man from Mars, weaveing in an out of cars, on my feet I run, Just to catch the rising sun, When the light come on, we are safe from all alarms, Jesus is this light and I fight, Like a KOr KNight.

Recent Poetic Song; A Heartbreak and a Handshake For Gods Sake I believe in my broken heart, That a broken heart, Is better than a proud one, I shake hands with an angel, As It flys by on fire, For Goodness sake, I repent of my sins, I turn from this evil path I am on, And I turn to the holy bible for good news, I may be a no good low life thief, But I got plans to change that unholy sin, I'll pay back what I stole, With these rhymes of mine, I didn't take much, But I robbed you blind, I wish Mike D were a friend of mine, But I saw the sign that said, Change your wicked ways, Don't steal, or you'll get stolen from, All that heavy metal, And the children of the devil, Do not belong to me, So for goodness sake, I pray your heart breaks, Before you die in a burning hell, That pride is what smells, and I'm hearing church bells, Oh Jesus PLease Come and Save me tonight. What is WARRAW?

WARRAW is the official war game of "Mars 4Mark10"
WARRAW ------
Hell is a Place for Lost Souls, though you may never go there it would be healthy to have a hell theory wouldn't it. To Be lost means to be somewhere you are not truely loved. Knowing God is Love, with "no love means no God". Love and Life is not included in hades, which is hell. Cept yet the Fire of Gods Wrath burns aginst you there.

1.Hades n1. GK Myth a The god of the nether world and dispenser of earthly riches. b this netherworld kingdom, the Abode of the Shades of Death2. Hades-Hell . American Heritage Dictionary 3rd Edition Houghton Mifflin Company Boston NewYork c 1993.
6/23/19 JBKLYDE To Trust is to Beleive in the hope you receive, and to Live is to Love the God that gives you the hope, of a life time. ----- To Hope is to have expectation of good and, To love is to cry becasue the hope is alive, ----- I Hope you trust in Love, Becasue Life is Good, Even when your misunderstood, Cry after death, Becasue there's Life, After Death, That's why men travel west, Becasue it's Good to survive, When you keep hope alive.
----- SHEOL/Hades/Hell
The Enemy

The Difference Between a Terrior and Terrorist is that a Terrorist is a "MAD DOG". Mad Dogg 2020 is a Satanic Rebellion. The Lord Rebuke it.
Evil Based Recordings Should be Out Lawed because, love keeps no record of wrongs and evil is wrong. WE should be judged by what we do right not by what we do wrong. The system is clogged up with criminals whom Jesus Christ forgives cept are labeled unforgivable becasue there deeds don't match up, and they fall too short to ever recover. When you stop loving one another and start unrealistically counting someones wrongs against them. It creates a damning felling some people can't handle and become sick with evil. Dams do break, just like computers crash and systems fail. Records of Wrong are Evil Based because the bible says love keeps no record of wrong and Jesus love is proven to never fail. Faith Works. Believe it.

The Hero
Matrix Cross Prayer Force
Mathew 6 Luke 11
I open my eyes in my dreams and it's anything but funny half the time. Back then A sense of falsehood arises as I try to reach out and touch a power I don't really want and can't really understand. I wander how real it is other than it's not really funny. And when I wake up I wander if something I did or said made the dream manifest the way it did. So Now I really want to understand the power of dreams and I pray more often that my dreams to be real as I have been praying for the dreams to manifest happy and true.
Breaker 11}Smart/Pray/CSEM
KC=Knights Calling
Orion Hunts Drake the Dragon as War is Breaking out in Heaven.
Breaker 1} SNAP

A: Father Teacher
B: Student Worker
C: Christ Caller
D: Dumb Fool
F: Finial Failure

Primary Objective;
Christmas Education.

EDUC8 -----
E:Exodus 20
D:Deuteronomy 5
8:Ate Eight

Breaker 96}CHCC-AQ
Ciggeretts Are Poison Of Nickoteen Evolution
Siege The Deafness
Stop the Mockery


No 2 Illegal Narcotics
Breaker 78}GIRL

Lesson Plan
1P2R3O4D5I6G7Y 7 Steps of Prodigy Push the order Patience the First Lesson. 1P=Patience
pa·tience /ˈpāSHəns/ noun noun: patience 1. the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. "you can find bargains if you have the patience to sift through the dross" h Similar: forbearance tolerance restraint self-restraint resignation stoicism fortitude sufferance endurance calmness composure even temper even-temperedness equanimity equilibrium serenity tranquility imperturbability unexcitability understanding indulgence lenience kindness consideration longanimity inexcitability perseverance persistence tenacity diligence assiduity application staying power indefatigability doggedness determination resolve resolution resoluteness obstinacy insistence singleness of purpose purposefulness pertinacity h Opposite: impatience 2. British any of various forms of card game for one player, the object of which is to use up all one's cards by forming particular arrangements and sequences; solitaire.
re·pent·ance /rəˈpentəns/ noun noun: repentance; plural noun: repentances the action of repenting; sincere regret or remorse. "each person who turns to God in genuine repentance and faith will be saved
o·be·di·ence /əˈbēdēəns,ōˈbēdēəns/ noun noun: obedience compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority. "children were taught to show their parents obedience" h Similar: compliance acquiescence tractability tractableness amenability dutifulness deference duty respect respectfulness observance of the law/rules discipline biddableness duteousness malleability pliability conformity conformance conformability submissiveness submission docility tameness meekness passivity passiveness subservience obsequiousness servility h Opposite: disobedience rebellion recalcitrance •observance of a monastic rule. "vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience"
independence [ in-di-pen-duh ns ]SHOW IPA SEE SYNONYMS FOR independence ON THESAURUS.COM noun 1 Also independency. the state or quality of being independent. 2freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others. 3Archaic. a competency.
ge·om·e·try /jēˈämətrē/ noun noun: geometry the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogs. •a particular system of geometry. plural noun: geometries "non-Euclidean geometries" •the shape and relative arrangement of the parts of something. "the geometry of spiders' webs"
Code Yellow by Cold Play
Matrix Cross
Emergency Notation: CPR C'hristlike P'ublic R'elations IRE I'nternet R'econ E'lite DCF FSH VALUES
P-ull pin
A-im low
S-sweep side 2 side
Todays Date: Monday, DEC 03, 2018
https://www.facebook.com/UndergroundPublicHouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XqlZ6I4WVg Mirror Mars Cliff JBK I'll Be What God Want's Me 2 B In the Navy Reserve. and yea the icc still sucks but not as bad as a gay preist.. rich your being paged on line 2 and prez o if you want to clear the air.. here's some solid internet ground and i really wish you would just come chew me out so I know what not to l-O-O-k at. LightHouseTampaBayautodiscover you are failing at -------------Mark 6.PJJ-Your Lite-----------------><-------- Drudgereport

GOD desires Mercy More than Sacrifice.

---------------------------------->Mathew 4: ---------------------->Land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali, ------------------------>the way to the sea, along the Jordan, ---------------------------->Galilee of the Gentiles— ------------------------->16the people living in darkness ----------------------------->have seen a great light; ----------------->on those living in the land of the shadow of death ------------------------------>a light has dawned."[e]